About Us

As the go-to lawn fertilization experts in Houston, Texas, Greenyard LLC specializes in growing the lush, beautiful yard that you’ve always dreamed of. We began with humble roots and one mission — to provide people with the yard that they imagine when they close their eyes: thick, soft, green grass that sustains itself throughout the year.

There are a wide variety of services that we offer for yards of any size, which include our expert fertilization process, weed and pest control services, lawn aerification, and more. Lawn aerification is a new and essential process for any yard in the Greater Houston Area due to the dry climate conditions. By aerating the soil that your grass grows in, the roots can grow deeper into the ground, sustaining your yard even in the most stubborn areas of your property.

With a passion for providing friendly service for people in the Greater Houston Area, we are dedicated to treating your yard like our own. Our team brings an expertise and attention to detail which has helped homeowners across Texas craft the lawn they’ve always desired. Call us at 281-937-8774 for a free estimate and to learn how we can help you grow a healthy yard to be proud of!