How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

May 21st, 2018

With spring’s warm weather here, it’s time to act accordingly, and that means making sure your lawn is green and healthy.

Make sure your lawnmower is in working order since you’re about to start using it on a weekly basis. A complete tune-up is always a good idea and if necessary, install a sharp, new blade.

Continue below to learn some tips about preparing your lawn for the spring season, courtesy of the lawn care experts here at GreenYard, LLC.

First and foremost, remove any debris from your lawn so it can’t damage your lawnmower and the rest of the preparation work as effectively as possible. Pick up sticks and twigs, rake any leftover leaves and check for thatch, which are brown patches of dead grass.

Next, remove crabgrass and other weeds, especially before aerating or reseeding your lawn. Pull crabgrass up by the roots using a garden fork; don’t just pull on the leaves. It’s vital that you remove the roots in their entirety, so they can’t rear their ugly heads again.

While you’re weeding and cleaning your yard, you may discover that your soil is compacted. If that’s the case, you’ll want to aerate it. Pull up small cores of soil to ensure that water, fertilizer and other nutrients will reach the roots.

If your lawn is full of dead grass and bald patches, you may want to opt for a reseeding service. Mix seed with soil and spread it on thin grass and bald spots. Of course, be sure to water your lawn regularly to germinate the seeds and maintain the lawn’s overall health.

Fertilize your lawn, so it receives the essential nutrients it needs to grow and sustain. Strong roots will result in a greener and healthier lawn. Consider trying an organic fertilizer to avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

While many other lawn care providers offer service every six weeks, we take pride in offering service all 12 months out of the year. Not a part of any franchise, we are locally-owned and operated so we know the area better than anyone.

Whether you need reseeding, core aeration, pest control or fertilization for your home in Sugar Land, TX, or another nearby area, contact our team at GreenYard, LLC by calling 281-937-8774 today to get a FREE estimate!