Top-Quality Lawn Care Services

At GreenYard LLC, we provide the expert lawn care services to help you maintain a full and healthy lawn all year long. We not only keep your grass lush and vibrant, but free from weeds and pests as well. Take the first step toward the lawn of your dreams by calling us today to schedule a free estimate with one of our friendly and knowledgeable lawn care professionals.

Give Your Lawn the Nutrients It Needs

From the nutrients in the soil to the amount of sunlight, water, and foot traffic it sees every day, each lawn is unique, and it takes a true lawn care professional to understand what a lawn needs to thrive.

At GreenYard, we offer the lawn fertilization services that will not only help your lawn grow fully, but strengthen the roots and deepen its color to a healthy, vibrant shade of green..

Preventing Weed Growth

If you notice weeds invading your lawn, it’s only a matter of time before they spread, creating an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful landscape. Luckily, at GreenYard, we offer weed control services to protect against and eliminate unwanted plant growth.

Keeping out Unwanted Guests

Your lawn may look beautiful and lush, but if you have pests infesting your grass, shrubs, or plants, your yard can become unpleasant to set foot in. If you want to rid your lawn of uninvited pests or fire ants, give the experts at GreenYard a call today.

All-Natural Lawn Care

Our team knows a thing or two about maintaining a full, healthy lawn in Texas. It takes individual attention and custom solutions to get real results. With nutrient-rich and all-natural fertilizer options, we offer safe and effective organic lawn care to help any yard reach its full potential.

For a free estimate on any of our trusted lawn care services, give us a call today.