Lawn Aerator Services in Katy, TX

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Lawn aeration is vital to improving the overall well-being and appearance of your Fulshear, TX lawn. Just like how farmers plow their fields every year, your lawn needs lawn aerator service, and there is no team better for the job than the professionals at Greenyard, LLC.

One of the main reasons why this type of service is needed for your lawn is due to thatch buildup and compact soil. If your lawn faces heavy use and the soil has become waterlogged, lawn aerator service is necessary.

Why Should I Get My Lawn Aerated?

Lawn aerator service in areas, like Cinco Ranch, TX and Cross Creek, TX, allow your lawn to balance both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the main root zone. The two most common ways lawns are aerated are spike aeration and core aeration.

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Just like the name suggests, spike aeration is a method that uses a roller with spikes on it to create spots for carbon dioxide and oxygen to get into a lawn. Core aeration involves holes being “cored” out of the soil, and effectively relieves soil compaction making way for nutrients and oxygen to be delivered. Besides allowing for better air intake, other benefits of aeration include:

  • Increased shoot density and better rooting
  • Improves the movement of water and air into the compacted soil
  • Lawn fertilization that is effective

When it comes to having a resilient lawn, receiving lawn aerator service from the pros at Greenyard, LLC. is the best way to make sure that happens. Your lawn will finally be able to handle the effects of stress, extreme heat and a shortage of water. Not only will your grass be healthier and thicker, but now your lawn can also heal much quicker following rough conditions.

What Should I Expect after My Lawn is Aerated?

Shortly after our team of experienced professionals finishes aerating your lawn, you’ll notice small holes in your lawn, as well as plugs that were removed from these holes. While they may not look the nicest on your lawn, these plugs break apart in just a couple weeks, and your lawn will look as good as a new.

With healthy, growing, roots filling in the aerated holes on your lawn, you can actually see the signs of our professional lawn aerator service take place. In anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, you should see a thicker, lusher lawn. Depending on the type of lawn compaction and thatch you have, you may still need to have your lawn aerated once a year. Doing so ensures that your lawn stays in good shape.

Here at Greenyard, LLC., our team can handle any type of question and can develop a lawn aeration schedule that is best tailored to your needs.

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