Weed Control

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If there is one thing on your Cross Creek, TX, Cypress, TX or Fulshear, TX, lawn that drives you crazy, it has to be the growth of weeds. Talk about an unwelcoming sight as a homeowner. Even having one single weed pop up can tarnish the appearance of your well-kept lawn.

When weeds begin to spread across your lawn, they are vying to get as much sunlight and nutrients as possible, which takes away the ability for your grass to flourish. However, there is no reason to fear when you call Greenyard, LLC., as we work to ensure weeds don’t overrun your beautiful lawn.

With our weed control services performed by a team of experienced lawn fertilization professionals, you can say, “See you later!” to those common and stubborn weeds that always seem to pop up in on your lawn in Sugar Land, TX.

Top-of-the-Line Weed Control Services

We proudly offer top-of-the-line weed control services, which begin by assessing the weed issue that plagues your lawn. Our team of experts have dealt with the countless species of weeds, and know the factors that cause weed infiltration on your lawn. Factors can range from the health of your lawn to the local growing and soil conditions.

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With this knowledge already on hand, we can create a weed control treatment plant that is customized for your lawn. This ensures your lawn in Katy, TX or Cinco Ranch, TX gets addressed properly.

Identifying what types of weeds are taking over your lawn is one of the most important steps of any weed control plan. Once this step is done, the customized plan we create for you can be put in action.

Here at Greenyard, LLC., our weed control services can treat a wide range of weed types and species. Just some of the weeds we have treated include:

  • Annual Weeds – These types of weeds die naturally when their growing cycle is over and can grow 4-to-5 times their average size before they die.
  • Perennial Weeds – Weeds like nutsedge or bindweed are perennial weeds that come back each year until they are treated and removed.
  • Warm-season Weeds – There are many types of weeds that pop up during the warm summer months like chickweeds or dandelions, but they don’t stand a chance against our weed control services.
  • Cool-season Weeds – During spring and fall, cool-season weeds like white clover are widespread and need to be removed for a healthy lawn.
  • Broadleaf Weeds – A broadleaf weed is an easier type to treat, and often has wider leaves. Some of the most common are clovers, dandelions and thistles.
  • Grassy Weeds – This type of weed is one of the most common sights on yards all throughout our service area, mainly because they flourish under the same conditions as the grass on your lawn. These weeds include goosegrass, crabgrass and more.

Custom Lawn Fertilization Services in Cross Creek, TX

As the leading custom lawn fertilization company in Cross Creek, TX and the surrounding areas, we get calls all of the time from homeowners who can no longer deal with weeds taking over their lawn and need weed control services.

In addition to our excellent weed control services we also offer property owners in Katy, TX, Cinco Ranch, TX, Sugar Land, TX, Cypress, TX and Fulshear, TX with the following:

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